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Los Angeles Office Catering

It’s a difficult task to find a Los Angeles office catering company that can please your crowd successfully week after week. Food Fetish Catering knows what it takes to deliver time after time without their clients getting bored of the same old menu. If you’ve been searching the area for a catering agency that will satisfy even your most discerning guests, consider the catering company that’s been serving LA for 50 years.

Office catering poses a unique challenge to caterers, which is why so many agencies have come and gone in the Los Angeles area over the years. Food Fetish Catering has been around for half a century and is not going anyplace anytime soon. All the big names in local businesses and corporations work with Food Fetish Catering because they have what it takes to deliver world-class meals for business meetings, corporate events and office get-togethers.

If you’ve tried one caterer after another only to discover your short list is getting shorter by the week, make a call to Food Fetish Catering and discuss your needs with one of their expert caterers. You’ll never call a caterer again simply because there’s no one else to call.

If you’re like most event planners in the city, you probably have a handful of go-to caterers on your cell with personal notes added, such as “Only call in case of an emergency”, or “Don’t call more than once a month”. Most caterers offer a minimal menu, so you guests can get tired of the same food very quickly. Food Fetish Catering offers an amazing variety of menu options for your office event, including:

- Mediterranean Chicken
- Carne Asada
- Caribbean Sun Splash
- Greek Feast
- Continental
- Cilantro Lime Chicken
- BBQ Feast
- Asian Delight
- Picnic Lunch

All menus come with a variety of main options as well as appetizing side dishes and salad, enough for your entire group. Add a hot soup from an unbelievable soup menu, additional green salads, side salads, or complete entree salads.

Food Fetish Catering’s sandwiches must be experienced to be believed. Mix and match from their artisan breads, fresh deli meats and cheeses and flavorful condiments. Many businesses select from the ‘Salad & Sandwich’ meals that are extreme crowd pleasers.

The impressive menu from Food Fetish Catering guarantees your group will not get tired of the same old lunch or dinner fare. Mix it up by opting for an hors d’oeuvre station or passed-around hors d’oeuvres. Fetish on the Fly is one of the most popular menus to order from- and it’s easy to see why. Their Los Angeles office Catering company can provide you with a wide range of easy-to-set-up spreads at affordable prices that will keep you coming back.

Order from the Fetish on the Fly menu for Antipasto platters, raw and grilled veggie platters, cheeses and dips, deli and fish platters, wraps, sandwiches, packaged parties, salads and much more.

Take a closer look at options by clicking on the ‘menus’ link at the top of the home page or place a call to 818-762-7850 to speak with a catering specialist. We know you’re going to love how Food Fetish Catering can take care of your clients, employees and guests. Los Angeles Office Catering

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