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Hollywood Production Catering

Having a hard time finding the right Hollywood production catering company for your crew? Try Food Fetish Catering and discover why so many local production companies rely on them for gourmet food at affordable prices.

Food Fetish Catering has been serving the needs of local TV and movie production companies for more than 50 years and knows what it takes to keep your crew satisfied and production moving along smoothly. With 30 full menu options for large groups, you’ll find Food Fetish Catering’s meals to be all-inclusive and able to meet the tastes of your entire group.

Treat your cast and crew to the most delicious production catering menus available in Hollywood. They’ll absolutely love the range of healthy choices and delectable foods that include several main menu offerings, an amazing assortment of salads and vegetables, dessert, lemonade, iced tea and spa water. Take a look at a sample menu from Food Fetish Catering’s production menu:

- Chicken Paillards Dijonaisse
- Corn Bread and Cranberry Stuffed Pork Loin
- Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage Red Pepper Sauce
- Wild Rice Pilaf
- Brussel Sprouts with Horseradish Sauce
- Marinated Tomatoes
- Bibb Salad
- Artisan Breads
- Chicken with Riesling Sauce
- Beef Stroganoff
- Potato and Sauerkraut Pierogi
- Egg Noodles
- Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage
- Mixed Vegetables
- Green Salad
- Pretzel Rolls with Butter

Food Fetish Catering can provide your group with an incredible menu that is different every time you call. Check out the online menus by clicking on the ‘Menu’ link at the top of the home page to see what’s available for your production crew. Fetish on the Fly is a very popular choice when it comes to placing an order for a large crowd. With Fetish on the Fly, you can provide an appetizing spread for your group with minimal effort at a very affordable cost. In fact, no other Hollywood production catering agency offers the range of options you’ll find from Food Fetish.

Serve your large crew of 50-75 people with delicious and healthy Italian Antipasto buffets that include marinated mushrooms, roasted pepper salad, marinated bocconcini, olive tapenade, pepperoncini and artisan breads. Add prosciutto, pepperoni and genoa salami if desired. Mediterranean Antipasto displays include hummus, baba ghanouj, roasted pepper and artichoke salad, Israeli cops cops salad, mediterranean hot sauce and pita bread, and garlic chips.

Your crew will absolutely love the raw and grilled vegetable platters, cheese platters and dips, deli and fish platters, party wraps and sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres, skewers, classic sushi rolls, soy paper rolls, wonton cigars, complete Chinese take-out meals and full menus available from the most reliable Hollywood production catering company in the area.

Food Fetish Catering caters to your most discerning palates with healthy and delicious comfort foods, gourmet meals, buffet-style appetizers, pass-around foods and much, much more.

All the big names in production order from Food Fetish Catering- see for yourself why they have been serving Hollywood for more than half a century. Fill out an order form over the website or call 818-762-7850 for answers to your questions or detailed assistance. Hollywood Production Catering

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